What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.30

8 January 2018
  • The dialog to select files now always starts with the directory that was last used.
  • Fixed a bug with undo/redo the occurred after a project file was opened.
  • Fixed a wrong “around points” clipping that occurred when the OpenStreetMap was used as a reference map.
  • The “Close Window” menu command no longer closes the entire application on Windows.
  • Reordered the Edit menu commands.
Thanks to Roel Nicolai for reporting these bugs.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.29

5 September 2017
  • Fixed minor bug in the computation of distortion grids. Distortion grids created with this new version might very slightly differ from distortion grids created with older versions. Thanks to Roel Nicolai for pointing out this bug.
  • Removed GUI access to accuracy circles.
  • Removed Preferences dialog.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.28

25 May 2017
Added different coordinate display units in View > Old Map Display Coordinate Unit.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.27

1 May 2017
Fixed wrong outlier colour for displacement circles.
Fixed wrong scale display for mouse pointer position.
Fixed computation of mean longitude for intermediate projection, which was wrong when points were on both sides of the antimeridian.
Added info dialog about map size in “Maps > About the Maps…”.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.26

20 April 2017
Fixed “The file could not be saved” bug when saving a project file.
Fixed enabled status of OpenStreetMap menu items.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.25

6 March 2017
Many improvements to the graphical interface and OpenStreetMap:
  • Zoom in and out maps with scroll wheel.
  • Larger raster maps can now be displayed on the Windows operating system.
  • Faster and more stable loading and rendering of OpenStreetMap thanks to [JMapViewer].
  • OpenStreetMap now displays optional graticule (lines of longitude and latitude), tropics and polar circles.
  • Coordinates are now displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds for OpenStreetMap.
  • Added tooltip with coordinates for mouse pointer.
  • Updated launch4j to version 3.9 for Windows exe file.
  • Improved readability and layout of various GUI elements.
  • Save and export file dialogs now suggest file names and file extensions.
  • On macOS maps are now zoomed to full extend when MapAnalyst launches.
  • Now using JMapProjLib for projection related code.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.24

8 February 2017
Fixed bug in coordinate reference system for OpenStreetMap. The Earth sphere was using a wrong size. This resulted in wrong coordinates when exporting points from the OpenStreetMap.

When OpenStreetMap points from previous versions are imported into MapAnalyst version 1.3.24, they will be offset by a few kilometers. There is a new function available at Maps > Correct OpenStreetMap Misalignment to move offset points to their correct location.

Dashed lines are no longer available to draw distortion visualisations, as they tend to crash the Java Virtual Machine.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.23

19 January 2016
Fixed a bug that prevented MapAnalyst to run with Java 1.7 or newer.
Updated the Window executable file to use launch4j 3.8.
Updated Mac OS X bundle to use appbundler.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.22

8 January 2012
Fixed a bug related to the import of images.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.21

25 October 2010
Fixed a bug introduced with the last version that prevented MapAnalyst from using project files.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.20

17 August 2010
Fixed a bug introduced with the last version that prevented MapAnalyst from starting.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.19

7 July 2010
Removed an accidentally included item in the Analysis menu for a feature that is still under development.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.18

Added a Maps menu with commands to remove map images, as well as to add and remove the OpenStreetMap.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.17

Fixed a display bug that appeared in the Show Report of Last Computation window when the old map is georeferenced and the resulting scale is close to 1:1.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.16

Fixed bug related to export of raster images. Thanks to Georg Leupolt.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.15

Wrong rotation value was displayed for affine-5 transformation in Report window. Fixed.
Compare Transformations windows showed wrong values when OpenStreetMap was used. Fixed.
Added import and export of points in pixel units.
Residuals for each point are now shown in the report window. Outliers longer than three times sigma 0 are marked with an asterisk.
For affine-6 transformation, the root mean square of all residuals is now displayed: sqrt(((u*u)+(v*v)) / n) with u and v residuals in horizontal and vertical direction and n the number of points. This is the same value as displayed by ArcGIS in the Georeferencing dialog.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.14

When using an affine-6 transformation, the "Report for Last Computation" showed wrong standard deviation for translation parameters and gave wrong direction for the second rotation angle. Fixed.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.13

Added option to offset distortion grid, accessible via the More button. The maximum offset is equal to the mesh size.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.12

Added export to ESRI Shape file format for points and line art.
Settings in main window were not read. Fixed.
Fixed bug in Ungenerate exporter.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.9 to 1.3.11

Save As is now always activated.
Colors have not been rendered correctly on monitors with 16 bit colors. Fixed.
Display parameters (colors, stroke widths, etc.) have not been stored correctly in project files. Fixed.
Fixed bugs introduced with the 1.3.8 update that prevented project files from being saved and read.
Many thanks to Martin Rickenbacher for his help.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.8

Added Import and Export for geographic longitude / latitude coordinates.
Distortion grids along longitude / latitude lines can now be generated. To enable this feature, select degrees in the menu following the Mesh Size text field.
Fixed bugs in error message reporting wrong size of distortion grid. The maximum number of vertical or horizontal lines in a distortion grids is now 1000 (was previously 200).

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.7

Linked points could not be moved anymore. Fixed. Thanks to David Bower.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.6

Fixed a bug in the "Export Points -> Linked Points of Old and New Map and Vectors in New Map" command: exported azimuth were wrong. Fixed. Many thanks to Prof. Peter Mesenburg for reporting this bug.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.5

Export of report and comparison window resulted in a text file with a single line on Windows. Fixed.
Fixed text alignment issue in comparison window. Many thanks to David Bower for his help.
On Windows operating systems, "MapAnalyst" is now appended to the document title.
When quitting MapAnalyst on Windows, the Java environment was not properly shot down. Fixed.
On Mac OS X, the main menu disappeared under certain conditions when a dialog was displayed. Fixed.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.4

Added export button to report window and comparison window.
Points now can be exported to a text file with a xls file extension and are directly readable with Excel.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.3

Fixed a small error in the computation of the standard derivation of translation parameters of the Helmert transformation (value shown in the report window). This bug did not affect the graphical results or the computation of the scale and rotation of maps.
Many thanks to Prof. Bertrand Merminod of EPFL Lausanne for helping with this problem!

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.2

Linked points are now displayed in a table instead of a simple text window. Points selected in the list are also selected in the maps and vice versa.

Fixed a font issue that resulted in the "Old Map Information" not being completely displayed on Windows operating systems.

Improved report window: scale factors are inverted if smaller than 1; standard deviations indicated are labelled as such; improved layout.

Fixed wrong computation of standard derivation of translation parameters in Helmert transformation (values shown in the report window). This bug did not affect the graphical results or the computation of the scale and rotation of maps.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3.1

Added more meaningful error message when opening a project file and an image file cannot be found.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.3

Added OpenStreetMap: OpenStreetMap is now the default reference map. There is no longer the need to scan a modern reference map for many areas. OpenStreetMap provides good enough reference information for many types of analyses. However, if OpenStreetMap is not of sufficient quality in the area of interest, a scanned map can still be used instead.

Distortion in grids can be amplified for visualizing the accuracy of relatively precise modern maps.

An undistorted, but rotated grid can now be shown together with the distorted grid.

Many minor improvements to the user interface.

Vector data can no longer be transformed from or to an old map. If you require this feature, please contact the authors.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.2.4

Fixed a bug that prevented MapAnalyst to start on certain configurations of Mac OS X.

Made internal changes to the code structure so that MapAnalyst can be used online in a later version.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.2.3

Added the option to export linked points in pixel units for the old map (as defined by the old map image) and in meters for the reference map.

Improved import of unlinked points for old map and new refrence map: Linking the points is now more reliable. Improved documentation on import of points.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.2.2

Fixed bug that prevented project files from being loaded when the referenced image files of the old or new map had been moved to another folder.

Added File - Export Points - Linked Points of Old and New Map and Vectors in New Map. This generates a file with 7 columns:
1. The name of the linked pair of points;
2 & 3. The coordinates of the point in the old map;
4 & 5. The coordinates of the point in the new map;
6. The length of the vector connecting the two points in the coordinate system of the new map.
7. The orientation (azimuth) of the vector connecting the two points in the coordinate system of the new map.

Fixed bug in computation of outliers of displacement vectors.

What's new in MapAnalyst 1.2

Version 1.2.1 of MapAnalyst offers many new features. In combination, the new features allow you to comfortably analyze sections of a map by only using a selection of all control points.

Support for multiple documents

It's now possible to have multiple projects open at the same time. Each project opens in its own window, and is stored in its own document.

Copy and paste of control points

Control points can be copied and pasted between documents.

Undo and redo

All actions altering control points can be completely undone and redone.

Improved graphics export

Export of graphics to SVG, WMF, JPEG and PNG has been substantially improved.

Displacement circles

Circles visualizing displacements of points are now proportional in area to the distance of displacement. In previous versions, the radius was proportional to the distance of displacement.

Bug fixes

Several bugs have been fixed and minor improvements have been added.