MapAnalyst 1.4 Pre-Release

MapAnalyst 1.4 is the next version that is currently still under development. Version 1.4 now supports various map projections. You are invited to evaluate a pre-release version of MapAnalyst 1.4 and provide feedback about its new features.


For the computation of accuracy visualizations, it is essential that the old map and the reference map share a common map projection. Additional strains would be introduced otherwise, and distortion patterns stemming from a difference in projections would falsify the accuracy visualizations. In the general case, however, the old map and the new reference map do not share a common projection or geodetic coordinate system.

With MapAnalyst 1.4, control points are therefore transformed from the reference map to the projection of the old map. This transformation is done via a so-called inverse projection, transforming the control points from the projected coordinate system to spherical longitude and latitude positions, followed by a forward projection that converts the points to the coordinate system of the old map.

MapAnalyst 1.4 also includes a new method to automatically determine an unknown projection of an old map.


Important: This is a pre-release version for evaluating the new support of projections in MapAnalyst. Version 1.4 is not yet feature complete and still under development. Changes will occur until the final version 1.4 is released. This pre-release version should only be used for evaluation purposes, but not for productive work.

Download MapAnalyst 1.4 Pre-Release 3 (19 December 2010) by clicking on one of the icons below:

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